Updated Otclient, Custom Client and Android Client, added new appearance for monsters like Demon, Infernal Demon, Morshabaal, new movement effect for Dragon and Dragon Lord and new appearance for water and lava, fixed appearance of draken boots, restored standard appearance of all items and outfits 8.6, outfits such as Conjurer, Elementalist and Afflicted have been moved, they can now be bought from NPC Super Outfit, Warrior, Assassin and Golden outfits have added the ability to turn mounts on and off with commands !warrioron !warrioroff !assassinon !assassinoff !goldenon !goldenoff commands can only be used by the person who currently has the full outfit. Additional outfits have also been added to the client, which will be available in future updates.

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1. Merkem BlaadLevel: (739)
2. PsychaLevel: (557)
3. AsdasdasdaLevel: (542)
5. ArthasLevel: (533)
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