If you would like to have your own server on the server, you can do it without any effort. All you have to do is meet some conditions
  • You must have a premium account.
  • You must have at least 300lvl.
  • You have to have some cash with you.
You buy, sell, leave and you are invited home with the most important commands. Here are all available:
  • !buyhouse - You buy the cottage in front of the door you are standing in. Remember to have money in your backpack.
  • !leavehouse - By typing this command you will leave the house where you stand if you are its owner.
  • alana grav nick - This command sells the house to another player with a nick. Remember to put this command in your own house.
  • Alana Sio "nick - Teleports a person with a nickname standing in the cabin outside.
  • Aleta Sio - A list of people who may enter the cabin but can not open any door.
  • Aleta Grav - A list of people who can open the door you are facing.
  • Aleta Som - List of people who are co-owners of the cottage, that is, they can open all the doors and invite others to the cottage. Server Info
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1. Merkem BlaadLevel: (737)
2. PsychaLevel: (554)
3. AsdasdasdaLevel: (541)
5. ArthasLevel: (532)
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