14.6.2018 - Axera.pl New Quests Raids and Event!

New Quests Raids and Waterstorm Event.

Added Secret of the King Quest (lvl 700 +)

occurrence of monsters on the quest

Warlock, Infernalist, Derorex, Nigarex, Diblonik Master, Plagoriners, Brightriker Masteranger, Wriners, Demonic Masters, Dark Toruneros, Handen of Cursed Master, Undead Dragoners, Beezer + Boss Goliathus.

Added Universe Quest (lvl 900 +)

see the quest in full splendor.

occurrence of monsters on the quest

Ice Demon, Ghastly Dragon, Ice Master, Levis, Undead Uner Master.

Added Secret Catacombs Quest (lvl 1200 +)

occurrence of monsters on the quest

Ghastly Dragon, Diblonik, Derorex, Plagunser, Demonic Master, Underion, Super Fire Masters, Norad, Brightriker Masterangers, Houndersano, Undead Uners, Hellhound Master, Bezeraker, Bezeraker Master + Boss Dementis.

Added New Raids with monsters

Ghoul, Beholder, Monkey, Undead Gladiator, Bog Raider, Derstroyer, Plaguesmith, Boss Galactus.

Added Waterstorm Event

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

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