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21.1.2016 - New Update!

New Quests, Exp and Characters Auctions.

Added Tasmania Quest (lvl 600 +)

the presence of monsters in the quest

Diabolic Imp, Destroyer, Behemoth, Plaguesmith, Hellspawn, Betrayed Wraith, Demon, Lost Soul, Dark Torturer, Grim Reaper, Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Raptor, Blue Demon, Sonic, Zorobaster + Boss Tauron.

Added Elementium Quest (lvl 700 +)

see the quest in full glory.

the presence of monsters in the quest

Braindeath, Nightmare Scion, Diabolic Imp, Nightmare, Serpent Spawn, Destroyer, Plaguesmith, Demon, Grim Reaper, Ghastly Dragon, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Juggernaut, Black Devil, Poi Master, Levis, Yavenger + Boss Elementar.

Added Characters Auctions players can there

buy oraz sell characters for premium points.

added new hunting grounds with monsters.

Deathes, Raidens, Devil Minion, Demolandes, Derbit, Undead Tritonis.

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