4.11.2015 - Axera.pl Quests, Raids, Tasks, System, Spells

New Quests, Raids, Tasks, Upgrade System and New Spells.

Added Inferno Quest (lvl 666 +)

the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.

Hyrania, Samber, Raidens, Plantasmer, Mortifera Servant, Xerxes, Dines, Magnat, Deathes, Wingor, Sanger, Raptor, Plantas, Septor + Boss Dementor.

Added Devil Tower Quest (lvl 666 +)

the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.

Trinsein, Devil Minion, Blue Demon, Black Devil, Poi Master, Sonic, Ziraptor, Nemiroz, + Boss Devilers.

Added new Raids with monsters

Rotworm, Septor, Drozer, Plantasmer, Grimer.

Added new Tasks with monsters

Plantasmer, Underion, Drozer, Versus, Septor, Arbelos, Wingor, Grimer, Ziraptor.

For each profession added new spells

For Profession Knight added spell "Exori Smoke"

For Profession Paladin added spell "Exevo Fly"

For Profession Sorcerer added spell "Exevo Gran Mas Assassin"

For Profession Druid added spell "Exevo Gran Mas Ghost"

Added a new tab Upgrade System

For more information about the upgrade system can be found by clicking on the picture below:

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4. JackalLevel: (916)
5. TwardzielLevel: (916)
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