23.3.2015 - New Quests, Exp and Raids!

New Quests, Exp and Raids.

Added Ruler of The Undead Quest (lvl 777 +)

the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.

Diblon, Diblonik, Deror, Diblonik Masters, Demonic, Dark Toruner, Demonic Master, Lost Linders, Dark Toruneros, Brightriker Masterangers, Undead Dragoners, Houndersan, Beezer + Boss Undero.

Added Imperial Quest (lvl 1000 +)

the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.

Plaguns, Golem, Plagunser, Furania, Magneton, Nertal, Blue Demon, Ice Master, Houndersan, Zorobaster, Poi Master, Cartrezon, Sorgatrezon, Galfactor, Ice Demon, Blinx, Ziraptor, Hell Poi Master, Linders + 4 Bossy Mitron, Gergez, Aroner, Hefardes.

added new hunting grounds with monsters.

Human, Hellhound King, Cyrulik Warrior, Chuck Norris, Lizard Abomination.

Added new Raids with monsters

Versus, Wingor, Xerxes, Golem, Gianters.

All quests that were teleport marked hunting grounds were transferred to teleport with the inscription quests, the quest room has been transformed.

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