20.6.2014 - New Quests, Tasks, Raids and Exp!

New Quests, Tasks, Raids, Exp and Top Quest Makers!.

Added Drahalas Quest (lvl 360 +)

Added Boots of Speed Quest (lvl 450 +)

Added Blue Ring Quest (lvl 500 +)

Added Hardcore Arena Quest (lvl 900 +)

to spawn bosses added new raidy of bosses

Phrodomo, Phrazer, Phantom, Apophis

Added new tasks with monsters

Medusa, Samber, Raidens, Magnat, Magnum, Mage of Destroyers.

In the city added new raids with monsters

Squirrel, Bear, Minotaur, Dwarf, Wyrm, Grim Reaper, Blue Demon.

added new hunting grounds with monsters

Samber, Xerxes, Hellspawn, Raidens, Wingor, Magnat, Santic, Magnum.

added a new bookmark Top Quest Makers!

added in-game display of how far who has completed quests (just do a look on the form).

now after searching for someone as you can see info about the house.

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