New Quests, Raids, Tasks, Exp and Top Task Makers!

Mage Hat Quest (lvl 500 +)

incidence of monsters on the quest

Galfactory + boss Manger.

Military Arena Quest (lvl 500 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

frider, blader, bevior, arad, brazer, heraz, bredberg, recaro, gladiatus, crezor.

Mighty Arena Quest (lvl 600 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

avager, kraber, dekar, herez, slaimer, artera, drazger, pherazon, waterion, firazore.

Elitary Arena Quest (lvl 700 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

warez, drakero, nagaro, laprizer, sweran, marezor, graber, falarez, deathber, the oberon.

Added new Raids with Bosses

Demontero, Ambarezon, Certion, Centurion.

Added new Tasks with monsters

Massive Water Elementals, Betrayed Wraiths, Blightwalkers, Hyranias, Zombies, Gianters, Blue Demons, Sonics.

Added new exp with monsters.

Hellspawn, Grim Reaper, Hyrania, Demon, Rift Scythe, Gianters, Blue Demon, Sonic, Ghazbaran, Galfactor.

Added a new bookmark Top Task Makers!

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