26.8.2013 - Axera.pl New Events, Arenas, Exp!

New Events, Arenas, Exp!

Added Defense the Base Event!

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

added 3 new Svargrond Arenas

Average Arena Quest (lvl 200 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

froster, blooder, bavis, achred, colero barbarian, hairez, bredbegor, rocker, crou gladiator, crozer.

Strong Arena Quest (lvl 300 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

avegor, krebash, darker, hager, slimer, quarter, drazel, phantom of earth, phantom of water, phantom of fire.

Hard Arena Quest (lvl 400 +)

incidence of monsters in the arena

wapster, draker, nergor, lerdon, svarden, maskaren, gnorez, falarizer, deathero, the oblivion.

added new hunting grounds with monsters

Nightmare, Demon, Grim Reaper, Hellhound

hunting grounds are located on the existing teleport to the monster

added 2 new Bossy which will from time to time appear at the depot.

Vocation Monster oraz Holiday Monster

a deposit on the 1st floor has been added Deruno NPC that sells Letters and Lots.

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