14.5.2013 - [Contest] lucky!

Hello, I present another competition prepared by the administrations Axera Ots!

Will be given 30 Passow.



1.[niosemski14] [koPytkO14]

2.[anadek21] [taTry]

3.[exof] [AdskS]

4.[swiezyy] [SieManko]


30.[niedziela] [AzjaMniejsza]

Three accounts will be established and the characters are correct (the remaining 27 bypass not have an account). This will be able to log on 3 characters. As soon as these sticks hary and looking itemków. Items are yours. You can be immediately discarded. Hide in some secret place and is followed by the return itemki his right harem. You can do whatever you want!

- In passwordach will be served large and small letters and the name and passwordach digits. (May not necessarily)
- Itemki are usually hidden in the door of the city City.
- The time to log in and prohibited the award is very short. At any time, you can log another person.

If you really do not know what's going to read:

1. At the forum is given 30 random bypass.

2. You are trying to log on to any. (3 of them are correct)

3. If you can log on to form quickly run to one of the deposits and pull out the prize.

4. Are you happy with the win.

The time and date of delivery bypass
14/05/2013 (today) about 20 hours.


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