3.5.2013 - Bounty Hunters and new Raids!

Added Bounty Hunters System!

It is a system where you can put a fee for someone's head, because in the end for a certain fee for each player will be the player in the form of kata!

This added new raids with monsters.

Chicken, Dworc, Monk, Panda, Earth Elemental, Energy Elemental, Hero, Frost Dragon.

Outside the city added new raids with Bosses.

Diablo, Baal, Goltination, Instalazer.

From today, the finding your character You can see information about today, yesterday and before yesterday exp.

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1. AmosseLevel: (1480)
2. Amosse OneLevel: (1083)
3. GangsterLevel: (1076)
4. JackalLevel: (916)
5. TwardzielLevel: (916)
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