12.4.2013 - Rush Event, Quests, Exp and Tasks!

In todays update we introduced Rush Event.

More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:

Added Svargrond Arenas

Greenhorn Arena Available for players lvl 30 +

Scrapper Arena Available for players lvl 50 +

Warlord Arena Available for players lvl 80 +

added quest for Elite Draken Helmet available for players lvl 400 +

Svargrond arena and elite draken helmet quest to find the teleport with the inscription Quests

added three new exp with monsters

Grim Reaper, Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound.

hunting grounds are located on the existing teleport to the monster

Added new tasks with monsters

Predator, Pythius The Ancient, Apocalypse, Infernatil.

Added new raids with monsters

Undead Jester, Fire Elemental, Water Elemental.

For sms shop added gold nuggets so you can transfer the points from your account to another player in the game.

fixed all the addons NPC Varkhal, added a new bookmark Addons where you can see Items needed for the addon.

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1. Don PaputioneLevel: (1834)
2. Te TuLevel: (1769)
3. RincewindLevel: (1654)
4. BorsukLevel: (1536)
5. SeromotisLevel: (1519)
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