10.4.2013 - CONTEST!
Hello world!


Another contest, this time you have to sing

Small Rules for the contest:

a) Words must be addressed in relation to the server AXERA.PL or his Administration.
b) Words can not be offensive or in what way Possible insult AXERA.PL or his Administration.
c) Freestyle can be pop, hip-hop, reggae and everything else here you have a free hand.
d) Format recording the song, but I recommend any MP3
e) Keep manners and do not swear every other word


1 Place - 2000 PTK + Selected Items from the shop sms

2 Place - 1000 PTK + Selected Items from the shop sms

3 Place - 500 PTK

Let go of your talents !!!

The contest 1 May.

His recordings can be to link in this topic on the forum

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