15.3.2013 - CONTEST!

Shortly after the start of the server, we have for you the first contest!

It involves creating the best filmiku promoting our server!

To the film was taken into account must be in the the following:

- the duration of the film must take a minimum of two minutes!

- They must be included elements Open Battle

- It must be shown at least 5 of the most interesting places
server! (This is according to your choice)

- the video must be integrated into the IP address (in this case 'Axera.pl', no matter in which part of)


Of all the videos will be selected the top 3, while their creators will be amply rewarded:

1 place: winning video will be posted on the official website server + filmiku author will receive 500 points premium / for guild points will be awarded to the guild.

2 place: Author cutscene will receive 300 points premium / for the guild will be awarded points for guilds.

3 place:The author will receive 150 points premium / in the case of the guild will be granted the appropriate number of points premium!

Videos should be sent to number below GG,

with a note 'Competition Axera'


Good luck!

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