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The leader can allocate points all guild members by command !guildpoints
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Offer Name: Star Wand
Points: 300

Offer Name: Soft boots
Points: 100

Offer Name: Frag Remover
Points: 100

Offer Name: Magic Longsword
Points: 200

Offer Name: Slingshot - Proca dla Paladyna
Points: 300

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Soft boots (100 points)
This boots regenerates mana and hp 30 in 2 sec (for repair need 10000 gold coins and say !soft).
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Star Wand (300 points)
You see the star wand. It can only be wielded properly by sorcerers and druids. 200-300 dmg (holy)
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Jade Hammer (150 points)
You see jade hammer (Atk:62, Def:40).
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Magic Longsword (200 points)
You see a magic longsword (Atk:62, Def:40).
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Solar Axe (180 points)
You see a solar axe (Atk:62, Def:40).
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Frag Remover (100 points)
You see a frag remover. It remove your red skull, black skull and all frags, if you use it.
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Slingshot - Proca dla Paladyna (300 points)
You see a slingshot (Atk:75). It can only be wielded properly by paladins. It's the famous magic Slingshot. (upgrading rune does not work on this item)
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